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Postby dhightowerIII » 24 Sep 2014, 07:56

This thread is about the new changes to the PEB which is now called the DSI (Demand Support Items).
In order for your shop to have a PEB, you need to pull a usage report. After you pull that sort the fields but "Field Service Usage" and go off the numbers that are in the negative. The more numbers you have that are above -6 the better off you might be. Now once you have that you have to bounce those NIIN's off what your SMU has on hand. If they have it on hand you are not authorized to have it in your PEB. So after you do all that you need to create a letter with what you want in your PEB and send it to your MMO. Your MMO will send it to the SMU for review. Then it will go to your BN or Group CO for action. This is all in the New MCO 4400.150. If you need any more detail information on it just email me at I got this after numerous hours of research and phone calls.
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Postby SUPERMOD » 25 Sep 2014, 09:18

Great info!

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Postby SgtCathers » 25 Mar 2016, 23:07

So up late tonight on duty and just poking around updating information. The way DSI works nowadays is you have to pull a usage report in GCSS. There is very detailed guide in the UM 4400-125. After you pull this report anything that is above 6 hits and under the amount listed in 4400.150 (can't remember off top of my head) can be added to your DSI. Now you have to draft up your DSI letter and get it routed to your mmo, smu, then finally your commander. Now, after it has been approved. in GCSS you have to set the min/max and re order points in GCSS. It is under the PEB/SPARES manager role > planners desktop. What's on your letter has to reflect whats in GCSS. Now lastly, the UM states that unless stated in your MMSOP and strict accounting measures are put into place, your supply section must have your DSI auto restock. They will most likely cry and say that they can't do this like mine did so you'll do it anyway for the sake of maintenance and stock it yourself manually. Lastly, must be inventoried , I did this bi-weekly with the required biweekly validation against the location quantities report. All of this is stated in the UM just seems like a lot of units are afraid because it seems so daunting. IF you have any more questions about how to setup a DSI and not get hit on it, feel free to ask.
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