HMMWV Will not shut off

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HMMWV Will not shut off

Postby coledeford » 06 Nov 2018, 21:08

Vehicle will start with ease but will not shut off with the rotary switch. Only way it will shut off is if 54a is disconnected. Tried switching the rotary switch and nothing happened. When the rotary switch is all the way off the brake lamp still stays on as well. Pcb has been switched as well.
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Re: HMMWV Will not shut off

Postby WRECKERMAN » 08 Nov 2018, 17:10

Once it is hot and turned off will it start again or just crank? Please ensure you don't have 54A switched with the other wire going to injection pump/ cback wire to cold advance solenoid I believe. That other wire receives power when Vic is cold and then stops receiving power. If switched it won't turn off until Vic reaches certain temp Wire 371 or something like that if memory serves me right. If wires are correct let us know. Could be an interesting problem.
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